Meticulous Planning.
Consistently Spectacular Results.

Flexibility matustik builders floor detail

Most builders force their clients to use their own “design team” Matustik Builder’s clients can use their own architect, or any architect they choose. If they haven’t decided on one yet, we will guide them to an architect with a skill set and price level they are comfortable with.


To keep their bids competitive, many builders include unrealistically low allowances for things like plumbing, fixtures and appliances and plan to make up the difference with change orders during construction. Matustik Builders always includes generous allowances in our bids, so the true cost of the project is apparent from the beginning.

Customer Assistance

Many builders have their clients either spends thousands of dollars for an interior designer or force clients to make hundreds of decisions on their own. Matustik Builder’s clients work with our experienced design professional at no extra cost, to help guide them through every decision.

Client Partnership

Many builders request that their client’s contact them only during working hours. Matustik Builders are intimately involved with your project 24/7. We are there for our clients anytime- day, night and weekends.


When other builder’s clients find a problem after moving into their home, they have to file a work-order and make an appointment. Matustik Builder’s clients get immediate attention and a prompt response from the same contractor that worked on their house. Matustik Builder’s clients are provided FREE online access to the project plans and project completion status!